Brooks Ghost 10: A Neutral Road Runner with Added Benefits

If you’re a normal pronator, you’ve likely experimented with a bunch of running shoes — including stability-enhancing footwear that you don’t really need.

But have you tried out the Brooks Ghost 10?

This footwear could well be the end of your search for a neutral shoe. The Brooks Ghost 10 adds a totally new feel to your running experience thanks to the excellent cushioning system. Users say that the Brooks Ghost 10 makes it seem as if they are running on clouds or in the air.

It’s true that folks with normal pronation tend to grab just about any shoe out there. However, if you want a shoe that’s designed to better address your running needs without compromising on performance, the Brooks Ghost 10 seems to fit the bill.

About Brooks

The Brooks brand is no new kid on the block. It’s been around for 10 decades, and that’s a considerable period. Which means it goes without saying that you’re safe with this brand. They engineer footwear that provides exceptional quality and comfort.

It’s not without reason Brooks has shrugged off a major setback — a bankruptcy that saw it restructure its product lines to focus on running shoes alone. This explains why Brooks shoes are some of the best on the market. It also explains why Brooks Sports, Inc. is one of the top running-footwear entities.

Brooks Ghost 10: What Makes It Tick?

No, it’s not like its predecessor. But this 10th model of the Ghost series boasts a ton of improvements you can’t wait to take advantage of.

The BioMoGo foam does an excellent job at providing exceptional cushioning in the midsole. It’s softer than in earlier versions, which is the reason you’ll enjoy such a comfy run, even when tackling long distances. This padding excels at absorbing the shock upon landing, too.

The upper allows for free air movement (in and out), which means your feet won’t suffer from stuffiness. You get a hugging fit as the top is also pliable, and it accommodates every move you make, making for a free-form running experience. You’ll love the spacious toe-box as well — you can spread out your toes hassle-free. The toe-cap adds protection in the forefoot area, and you get a comfy in-shoe experience thanks to the BioMoGo-foam sock liner.

The outsole boasts two distinct materials — carbon and blown rubbers. These combine to give padding where it’s needed most while protecting the shoe from the outside environment. The heel area comes with a stability feature so that heel strikers can enjoy a stable landing. There’s also additional padding in the forefoot area. And the deep trench-like patterns on the sides of the sole grooves make for a smooth run.

Brooks Ghost 10 Features

Other features present in this footwear include the following:

1. Weight

With just over 10 ounces for men (and a little under 9 ounces for women), the Brooks Ghost 10 weighs less than the former version. Simply put, it’s a bit lighter than the Ghost 9. This is probably because the overlays are pretty light and the shoe’s build is sleeker overall.

2. Arch support

The arch support is more enhanced than before. If you are a runner with a medium to high arch, this footwear has got you covered. You get all the support you need for an enhanced running experience.

3. Heel-to-toe drop

You get a high drop with this footwear. This means you’re less likely to feel the ground during activity. Therefore, if you’re looking for a barefoot running experience, the Brooks Ghost 10 might not be a good option.

4. Surface

The Brooks Ghost 10 is meant for roads and tracks. Also, runners report that the footwear works just fine when worn indoors. Therefore, your indoor activities are well taken care of. The outer platform of the shoe boasts enough grip to cater to these kinds of surfaces. As a result, you want to stay away from unpaved trails while you are wearing this footwear.

5. Traction

The two distinct rubber materials that form the outsole are not without reason. The carbon rubber excels at offering durability in the mid and rear areas of the shoe. The blown rubber provides extra padding and helps absorb shock in the forefoot area. Moreover, you get evenly distributed traction throughout the outsole.

6. Flexibility

The Brooks Ghost 10 is no bummer when it comes to malleability. You get a moldable upper that puts no limits on your foot movement. And, forget about the rigid plastic substance in the previous versions. But this shoe boasts flexible overlays that add to the overall shoe’s flexibility. No more restricted movements during activity.

7. Fit

This footwear comes with a true fit. This means you don’t have to worry about ordering a size down or up. The upper is also designed to give a lockdown fit to keep your feet stable throughout. The tongue is kept in place by a standard lacing system, and this ensures a good fit in the midfoot area. The synthetic overlays add to the overall fit of the shoe.

8. Stability and support

While it’s neutral footwear, the Brooks Ghost 10 doesn’t fail to deliver when it comes to stability and support. The upper’s snug fit makes your more feet stable. There’s no additional room for bothersome in-shoe wobbling. The fact that you have more space to spread your toes, and can even wiggle them if you like, means that you experience more support — you enjoy natural stability as if you were barefoot.

The outsole comes in handy, too. The grippy lug system couldn’t be more stable. And, heel strikers get additional stability from the crash pad at the rear area of the shoe.

9. Responsiveness and durability

While you get outstanding padding with the Brooks Ghost 10, it’s not that responsive. Yes, it’s true that this cushioning is terrific, but it doesn’t make for a bouncy feel that propels you forward stride after stride. However, this may not be a big deal if you don’t mind responsiveness and would rather have the plush cushioning.

Durability seems to be lacking as well. Users note that the delicate design of the forefoot and upper don’t make for a lasting shoe. Yet, if that’s not an area of concern to you, you might do just fine with the Brooks Ghost 10.

Brooks Ghost 10: Pricing

This footwear has a reasonable price for the unparalleled cushioning system it boasts. As for the price, the shoe goes for $65 to $250 on average. Like all Brooks footwear, the Ghost 10 is available on Amazon and BrooksRunning. Other running stores, including Rei, also stock the product.

Brooks Ghost 10 Pros and Cons

Almost everything comes with its strengths and weaknesses, and the Brooks Ghost 10 is no exception. While it boasts some really strong points, it also has some caveats. Let’s take a peek!


The following are some of the features you’ll like about this footwear:

  • Comes with decent protection in all the right areas
  • Comfortable
  • Shoelace holder comes in handy
  • True fit
  • Comparatively lightweight build
  • Strong outer platform
  • Soft cushioning
  • Good shock absorption qualities
  • Enhanced support
  • Somewhat lighter than the Ghost 9
  • Air flows in and out
  • Flexible
  • Fluid heel-to-toe transition
  • Traction is reliable


The footwear is said to have the following limitations:

  • Weak upper and forefoot areas are prone to wearing out early
  • While it’s breathable, it lacks waterproofing qualities
  • Not very responsive
  • Less revealing than the earlier version

How We Reviewed

To find the best information to help you make an informed purchase decision, we dug through various sources, including Amazon, BrooksRunning, and leading running sites. Some of those that proved to be particularly helpful included RunnerClick and customer reviews from real users on Amazon.

How Brooks Ghost 10 Compares to the Competition

There’s no denying this footwear is an improvement to its predecessor. However, the Brooks Ghost 10 might not be right for everyone. But people have distinct tastes as well as preferences, which is why we have compiled a list featuring some alternatives that could take the place of the Brooks Ghost 10. This list is in no particular order.

1. Adidas Questar Tnd

An alternative to the Brooks Ghost 10, the Adidas Questar Tnd is designed for neutral athletes. It has desirable qualities including a breathable upper, so your feet won’t suffer from a lack of fresh air. You get a durable outsole, too, which is protected from abrasion.

Moreover, this outer platform features reliable traction so you can experience stable turns during activity. The midsole boasts a mix of plush and firm foam for a seamless transition in your runs.

With Adidas Questar Tnd, you also get a contemporary build that is attractive. The insole adds to the in-shoe padding, and the heel counter holds the foot in place for a lockdown fit. Other features include a convenient pull tab.

According to users, Adidas Questar Tnd is comfortable for runs as well as daily strolls. The design couldn’t be more appealing. And, most runners are grateful for the affordable price of the shoe. Some users, however, find that the upper looks oversized, which can be a little embarrassing.

A rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars is given on Amazon. This shoe costs $25 to $160 on average.

2. Brooks Revel 2

Unlike earlier versions, the Brooks Revel 2 has toned down on colors. Consequently, the single-color design makes for versatility, allowing runners to wear the shoe for various uses, including workouts, walks, and work.

The Revel 2 is a tad lighter than its predecessor, and the outsole not only comes with good traction but is also durable.

The midsole, made of BioMoGo foam, doesn’t disappoint when it comes to responsiveness and shock absorption. And your feet get to enjoy fresh air thanks to the ventilated upper, which is also stretchy to aid in natural foot movement. The internal bootie is a bonus.

Most runners report a good experience with this shoe. They appreciate the springy cushioning that makes for an enhanced run. The build is a favorite among many users; it’s pretty appealing both in design and colorways.

As if it’s not enough, the Revel 2 doesn’t fail when it comes to versatility. Users also report that it’s lightweight and wallet-friendly. It has a standard fit as well. Flipping the same coin, some buyers have concerns about the shoe’s durability — the upper wears out after just a handful of uses.

Amazon reviewers give the Revel 2 a rating of 5 out of 5 stars. The shoe goes for $90 to $170.

3. Nike Air Max Excellerate 5

Yet another neutral runner, the Nike Air Max Excellerate 5 could be a handy alternative to the Brooks Ghost 10. It’s breathable, so your feet can experience fresh air during the action.

The fit is snug enough thanks to the overlays. The outsole comes with grooves for a smooth move. The midsole boasts enough padding to absorb any shocks resulting from landing. And, you get a sufficient grip as well as a durable outer platform.

Users like that the footwear gives a lockdown fit, which helps maintain the foot’s position — and that helps to avoid friction. It’s breathable and good-looking, and some runners report that it can serve many uses; not just running alone.

It’s sturdy enough to support heavier users, too, without compromising its performance. And the fact that this footwear comes with a standard fit and is lasting gives it an edge. On the other hand, a few runners complain of some issues to do with the midsole.

On Amazon, this shoe is rated 3.8 out of 5 stars. The average price range is $70 to $220.

Our Verdict

The Brooks Ghost 10 is certainly a great running shoe as far as normal pronation is concerned. Moreover, if you fancy plush cushioning, this shoe is sure not to disappoint. The same thing applies if you’re looking for a lockdown fit. And for style enthusiasts, the sleeker upper has got you covered.

However, if you’re looking for responsive footwear, the Brooks Revel 2 might be the better option. Plus, it comes with almost all of the features available in the Brooks Ghost 10.

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