Top 10 Brooks Running Shoes Men Should Purchase in 2022

Appropriate footwear is as handy as a runner’s posture, stride, and speed — and the Brooks brand knows it only too well. There’s a ton of Brooks running shoes men could kill for. Brooks has incorporated comfort, style, and smart technology into their running shoes. Which is why when it comes to value-adding footwear, there’s a variety of Brooks running shoes men can choose from.

Well, just over a century old, Brooks Sports, Inc. is a Seattle-based company. In its early years, the company designed shoes to cater to a wide array of sports. The entity would later slash its product line to focus on running shoes solely, with a bias on performance technology. Since then, the brand has positioned itself as “the leader” in the specialty running shoe market. But does the brand live up to that label?

Benefits of Brooks Running Shoes Men Like

Brooks boasts smart technology in its shoes. That makes their footwear stand out from the competition. Let’s quickly delve into this technology stuff about Brooks running shoes men will appreciate.


The BioMoGo material is located in the midsole, and it’s biodegradable. It can degrade in approximately 20 years — unlike the standard EVA foam that would degrade in about 1,000 years when put in the same environment. What’s so cool about this innovative technology is it’s an “open source” thing. Brooks chose not to patent it so other shoe producers can use it.


Most of Brooks running shoes men like will feature the DNA, and some cushioning technology. The DNA adjusts itself to deliver the ideal cushioning with each foot strike you make, irrespective of your age, weight, size, etc. The reason the DNA acts so is that it’s a non-Newtonian compound.


The latest DNA version, Super-DNA is based on the same principle as the BioMoGo DNA. Yes, a non-Newtonian-based substance does offer various amounts of cushioning depending on the power of the force exerted while running. This Super-DNA adds 25 percent more cushioning to the former BioMoGo DNA compound.

Segmented crash pad

That simply is a midsole that’s home to a couple of independent shock absorbers, which are fully integrated. Every time your foot hits the ground, the segments work together to provide the perfect cushioning as well as a seamless heel-to-toe transition. It helps make the most of each of your strides.

Guide rails

Guide rails are geared toward stability while overlooking the traditional stability technology — the dual posts. They are specialized plates built into the midsole so your hips, knees, and joints can move along their unique motion path while you run. It helps align the edge of your foot by enveloping it.

Questions About Brooks Running Shoes Men Want to Know

There are a couple of questions about Brooks running shoes men would like answered. We have provided answers to these questions, so you are better placed to make an excellent purchase for your running needs.

How often should you replace Brooks running shoes?

Replace these shoes as soon as you start noticing signs of wear and tear. Holes, loose seams, weary soles, etc. signal that you need another pair of Brooks running shoes. While the standard Brooks running shoes men fancy can last anywhere between 300 to 500 miles, the lightweight category does last about 300 miles.

Can Brooks running shoes help you run faster?

While they don’t guarantee a speed increase, the Brooks running shoes men should buy come with handy features to help enhance your performance by providing a comfortable feel. Things like shock absorption relaxed cushioning, and durable soles all help keep your feet comfortable while in action. All of which can only improve your performance.

How do you keep Brooks running shoes clean?

Clean your shoes as soon as they are exposed to dirt. Use a damp washcloth with a mild detergent/soap and scrub out any stains. Note that detergents/soaps with harsh chemicals can damage shoe material over time. Also, refrain from putting your shoes in the washing machine or dryer. Why? Because the footwear is likely to shrink and have its material damaged.

Are there Brooks running shoes men can wear for other sports?

Brooks shoes are geared toward running. While you might want to use these for other sports, it’s possible you won’t maximize your performance in those sports. Soccer players, for instance, overly rely on their feet; consequently, they are better off with more durable shoes with a tight grip and less cushioning. Wearing running shoes in such a sport, therefore, should only put a strain on your performance.

Does Brooks offer running shoes for beginners?

Yes! There are Brooks running shoes men beginners can wear. Well, these aren’t going to carry a “beginners tag” on them, but there are styles that fit this purpose. You might want to start with lighter shoes, for instance. These offer basic features for a good run while keeping the design simple, making for a good starter shoe. Then, the more you run, you can progress to Brooks running shoes men veterans use. Shoes with sophisticated features to best suit your needs.

What kinds of Brooks running shoes men with flat feet can wear?

Shoes with padded arch support are ideal for flat feet. Arch support helps ease pressure on your foot’s heel. With the balance distributed evenly across your foot, you’ll be exposed to reduced pressure, irritation, and heat. If for any reason, you can’t find running shoes with adequate arch support, you can add an insole insert.

How to Choose Brooks Running Shoes Men Athletes Will Cherish

Choosing running shoes can be a daunting task, especially when you’re a beginner in the running industry, which is why we’ve decided to make things easier for you. Whatever your type of running is, we hope the following standard tips help you choose the shoe that best serves your interests.


What terrain do you like to run on? If you like running on the road, then lightweight road shoes should do the trick. Trail runners, however, are better off with a sturdier shoe that’s more protective. Some runners like tackling a mix of surfaces, though. Such runners can go with separate pairs for each terrain type, or they can settle for a single hybrid shoe that caters to more than one terrain.

Arch support

Arch support is a vital feature for all running shoes. It helps distribute pressure evenly in the entire foot. That is why shoes with flat insoles are likely to cause more harm than good to your feet. So, Brooks running shoes men are well-protected in are those with sufficient arch support.

The fit

Ensure the shoe fits well. For instance, the heel and midfoot should not lift, slip, or rub. The shoe shouldn’t squeeze your foot (or create pressure points) during an action. Also, you should be able to bend easily without feeling any pinch in your feet. And, you should have approximately a finger-width gap between your longest toe and the front of the shoe.


Comfort while running boosts performance. Ensure your running shoes are comfortable. Things you might want to look for include midsole cushioning, which should be enough to ensure comfort for Brooks running shoes men will adore.

Price Range

The overall price range for Brooks running shoes men would like to sample is from $40 to $90. All of these shoes are available on Amazon. However, they can be found in other online stores, too, including Running Warehouse, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and Zappos.

How We Reviewed

In our review process for Brooks running shoes, which men can invest in, we considered a couple of variables. Our research criteria had price as the major thing, but we also factored in such things as quality, comfort, fit, terrain, and features for Brooks running shoes men can’t do without.

The Top Ten Brooks Running Shoes Men Should Buy

You can be spoilt for choice when you bump into Brooks running shoes men like. Therefore, before investing in those, you want to do a reasonable comparison, so you land the best deal. The following is a list of ten top Brooks running shoes men can choose from. This list is in no particular order.

1. Launch 5

Ideal for runners who fancy springy, fast footwear, the Launch 5 comes in ten different color combinations. The blown rubber in its forefoot is a cool feature as it ensures a swift forward spring on your toes. The well-cushioned and responsive midsole is a bonus.

Users like that the Launch 5 features ample cushioning and comes with a neutral arch, as well as breathable materials. Some buyers, however, complain about the shoe’s heel, which kind of rubs against the runner’s heel while in action, causing blisters. Price runs around $90 to $120 on average, and runners give this shoe 4.4 out of 5-stars on Amazon.

2. Revel 2

If you’re looking for a road-running shoe that can serve workouts and other activities, then look no further than Revel 2. The padded tongue helps keep your feet comfortable while in action, too.

Owners experience a smooth heel-to-toe transition thanks to the Segmented Crash Pad. The contoured sock liner is a plus, too, and the flat-knit upper stays in shape over time. Users are yet to report any caveats with regards to this shoe. The average price range is set from $90 to $120. Runners who’ve used this shoe give it an Amazon rating of 5.0 out of 5-stars.

3. Revel

The Revel ensures a streamlined and secure fit thanks to the internal bootie built and stretch saddle. And, the cushioning adapts to each of your strides. Most users feel that the shoe is comfortable with smooth landings and uncompromising heel-to-toe transitions. Some users complain the shoe’s quality is somewhat wanting, though.

The shoes cost $60 to $180. A rating of 4.6 out of 5-stars is given to this shoe.

4. Glycerin 15

Created for comfort and flexibility, the Glycerin 15 features an improved. The glycerine 15 is lighter than the previous version and are meshed with rubber soles. According to reviewers on Amazon, the extra cushioning on the inside and around the ankles makes the shoe more comfortable. And, its flexibility during movement is a plus. However, some users find this shoe to be not as durable, and they complain it comes with a small fit.

The price ranges from $70 to $270. Customers rate it 4.5 out of 5-stars.

5. Adrenaline GTS 17

When it comes to stability, the Adrenaline GTS 17 is sure to be a winner. Not just that, but the shoe is good for narrow feet. It also won’t disappoint when it comes to keeping plantar fasciitis at bay.

The terrific shock absorption and roomy forefoot area the shoe commands are a bonus, according to the owners. However, the narrow toe box and stiff midsole platform are a pain. The shoe’s price ranges from $40 to $190, and Amazon reviewers rate the footwear 4.5 out of 5-stars.

6. Adrenaline GTS 18

Adrenaline GTS 18 comes with soft flexible cushioning to ensure comfort. The streamlined mesh upper is a cool addition, too. The midfoot saddle — which is adjustable — is the reason you should experience a more form-fitting, customizable feel.

People who’ve bought this footwear like that it comes with a removable foam insole. The cushioned outsole and the streamlined mesh upper are a bonus, too. Nevertheless, the Adrenaline GTS 18 is expensive and provides limited arch support. You can get this product from $110 to $140. According to reviews, the shoe is rated 5.0 out 5-stars on Amazon.

7. Cascadia 13

For trail runners, the Cascadia 13 couldn’t be handier. The shoe boasts an upgraded trail-specific technology for a much stable landing. The footwear features flexible cushioning material, too, and the mesh upper has a mud-guard overlay.

The neutral support, sturdy saddle, and guarded lace-up closure are among the pros of this shoe. Runners have had no major issues with the Cascadia 13. The price range is $120 to $150. Cascadia 13 is rated 5.0 out 5-stars, according to Amazon reviewers.

8. Ghost 9

The Ghost 9 comes in a variety of colors – ranging from hot pink and yellow to purple and teal ombre. The footwear’s great traction is a standout feature, too.

Purchasers are happy with the shoe’s lightweight. They find it is durable, too. Everything comes with caveats, though, and the shoe’s toe-box isn’t wide enough, according to some users. Also, there seems to be a hard plastic around the big toe that subtracts from the shoe’s comfort. Overall price ranges from $60 to $160. On Amazon, users give this shoe 4.7 out of 5-stars.

9. Anthem

For runners that fancy a durable outsole, the Anthem could fit the bill. This shoe also boasts an outstanding fit as it’s a complete copycat of the shape of the foot. Stability is guaranteed, too, with the rounded heel.

Users report a comfy fit and feel – all thanks to the great midsole cushioning. A few owners, though, aren’t pleased with the lack in color variety. Some more buyers complain of a narrow toe-box. The Anthem boasts a $60 to $120 price range, and it features an Amazon rating of 4.5 out of 5-stars.

10. Ravenna 9

Boasting a lightweight, as well as a more secure arch wrap, the Ravenna 9 is a great choice if you fancy switching your pace and distance between runs.

The rubber sole couldn’t be springier, and buyers like that the shoe allows for a quick, seamless heel-to-toe transition. Some owners, however, complain that the toe-box could be wider as it is somewhat narrow. The price range stands at $100 to $190. Amazon reviewers give the shoe 4.7 out of 5-stars.

Get Yourself a Pair

All of the shoes on our list are terrific. But we have a bias for some. For example, we believe the Adrenaline GTS 17 is an attractive purchase for those runners on a budget. The low price doesn’t interfere with the quality, either, as the shoe couldn’t offer more stability and boasts considerable shock absorption. Furthermore, your heels are well-cushioned, so you are protected from plantar fasciitis, one of the common causes of heel pain.

If you don’t mind stretching your wallet on your trail footwear, however, the Cascadia 13 could fit the bill. Plus, you get a sturdy saddle and flexible cushioning material. The footwear’s upgraded trail-specific technology is a bonus, too, and the mudguard feature puts the shoe a notch higher.

And, for those runners who’d prefer a multi-purpose shoe, the Revel 2 is sure not to disappoint. The shoe serves your road-running needs as well as other activities, including workouts. On top of that, the Segmented Crash Pad gives you a smooth heel-to-toe transition while in action. And, the fact that users are yet to report any caveats with regards to the footwear also gives it an edge.

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